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Plot Bunny


You don't know me, but believe me when I say that I know you. I know every bit of you, every hair and mole. I ought to, I created you. I am your mother, in a way.

Everything you know is a lie.

Believe me when I say I'm sorry I have to tell you this. I'm writing these words in the hope that you'll never read them.

But if you are reading this, then something has gone wrong. Pay attention now, because this part is important, and don't leave anything out. You'll have to trust me on this.

Under the bed is a locker that will open only for you. Inside it you should find the following equipment:

-One (1) standard ship-suit in your size. Mates with any standard helmet for hostile atmosphere exposure. Includes a protective charm good for thirty minutes in hard vacuum.

-One (1) force-shield belt, Atlorian military spec. Fasten it around your waist, make sure the green light is on. Provides good protection against small-arms fire.

-One (1) Bal-Thos Witch Charm. This is the little thing shaped like a knot on a silver chain. Find the pointy end, prick your finger with it, and wear it around your neck. It will burn out after an hour, but until then it should protect you against anything short of a Rylarian Doomsday Hex.

-One (1) T-87 Plasma Carbine, with six (6) spare magazines. You think you don't know how to use this, but you do. Trust me.

-One (1) Murghul Soul-Eater Blade. Be very careful with this and do not nick yourself by accident. You are an expert swordfighter, though you may be unaware of this as well.

You are on the p-ship Abydos. It is about a hundred meters long and has three main decks. You are familiar with the layout. Most functions are handled by robots and zombies. Ignore them and they will not impede you.

There are three men on board. These men have betrayed us, in a way deeper than you can possibly understand. You have to kill them. For me, for yourself. Search the ship, find them, kill them. You are heavily armed and should have the advantage of surprise. Trust me when I say that they deserve whatever is coming to them.

Once they are dead, go to the bridge (you know the way) and enter "maxex revelation -tres" on the console. The computer will confirm your identity with thaumic resonance; you may feel a slight tingle. You will be told what to do next.

Good luck. And, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.
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